About Us

The Centennial Homestead is a 31 bed independent facility that is locally owned and operated in Washington, Kansas. We are located right next door to the Washington County Hospital, that is currently undergoing a $1.3 million dollar renovation, and right across the street from the Washington Clinic which houses our local physicians and several outpatient specialists.


Some of the biggest reasons our residents and their families love it here and have trusted us with their care are the following:

  • We are located right next door to the Washington County Hospital and Washington Clinic physician's office, this is great for emergency care, physician appointments, the number of specialists that come visit the outpatient clinic each month, plus it’s a huge sense of comfort for many people.


  • We have been in operation since 1961, so we know a thing or two about care and have evolved with shift in delivery of care.


  • We are participating in the PEAK nursing home program. What this is, is a movement to completely transform care in nursing home settings from the “old” stigma of nursing homes, to making changes that empower our staff, residents, and their family to make all choices regarding their care. We recognize that this is their home and not just a place that they are now living. We strive to make everyone’s lives better by the care we give.


  • We are locally owned and operated. There is a higher level of care and accountability when someone has a vested interest in making sure our residents, staff, and families are pleased with the care here.


  • Our staff has extensive experience in the healthcare, and specifically nursing home setting. We have seen and experienced many things in this time and this really allows us to think outside of the box when it comes to delivering personal care. We have extensive knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance, long term care insurances, and benefits with the Veteran’s Administration. We have literally been in your shoes when it comes to caring for a parent or loved one. This allows us to relate to you on a whole other level.


  • We love technology! We are transitioning to electronic medical records and charting which allows us a quicker delivery of care with physicians and specialists, it also has been shown to deliver higher quality of care by improving efficiency. We have computers accessible to our residents and Wi-Fi throughout so that they can visit with family from a distance via Skype, email, chatting, Facebook, etc. Even if your loved one is here and you are not, we utilize technology so that a familiar face is nothing more than a click and phone call away.


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