Frequently Asked Questions


There are a lot of misconceptions and confusion surrounding healthcare and senior services. Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked and the answers that may suprise you. However, if you still have a specific question that has not been answered, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE.

Will I be able to keep my Primary Doctor, Pharmacy, or Specialists.?

Of course you can! We encourage you to keep the same resources you have always been acustomed to. You've spent time building those relationships, why change that? We appriciate families that are involved and want to take their loved ones to appointments. However, if this is not available, we at The Centennial Homestead will provide transportation and accomodations to meet those needs.

Can I leave or go out?


YES. This is your home and you are free to come and go as you please. We have had residents who keep their vehicles and check themselves out to visit the local coffee shop. We have also had numerous residents who have come to us in quite deteriorated health. Over time, with lots of care and attention from our staff and by utilizing resources in the community, these residents have improved their conditions and have been able to return home to the lifestyle they were previously living.

Will I lose control of decision making?


Absolutely not. At The Centennial Homestead, there is nothing but choices. You direct your care. Want to have some wine or beer with your meals? Not a problem. Want to wake up at 10am? Perfectly fine. Like to shower in the evening listening to calming music? We can do that. We want you to be happy, this is your home, and you are in the drivers seat when it comes to choices.

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